New products

  • Saloni has presented its new Ecotrend collection, designed by Roberto Verino. Inspired by ecology and climate change, it recreates nature, taking ceramic tiles as a sustainable material that has an important role to play in the future of our planet. Bold designs and textures evoke wood and cement, transmitting a sense of character to the spaces that is softened with floral motifs or elegant glass mosaic tiles. Saloni‚Äôs new Ecotrend collection by Roberto Verino marks the continuation of a successful joint venture with this designer that is now in its ninth year and that has produced seven collections. The work of Roberto Verino, one of the top names on the Spanish fashion scene, is clear proof that it is possible to combine culture, sobriety, elegance and rationality. As with his previous collections, the roots of this project lie in an in-depth study into the world of renovation and renewal. Yet on this occasion, the collection is clearly defined by concepts such as climate change, ecology and sustainability, which all have a clear impact on the future of our planet and are a cause for concern amongst the younger generations. In this context, ceramic tiles as a sustainable material have much to contribute. And this is the philosophy behind Verino's Ecotrend collection, based on the restoration of classic spaces using environmentally-friendly materials, capable of generating innovative and elegant ideas. These new products combine the tradition of large spaces and lofts with avant-garde trends, featuring materials that are brimming over with personality and texture. Verino has created floor tiles inspired by wooden planks that blend in harmoniously with these modern spaces, forming eye-catching contrasts with the uncovered brick walls or iron girders. For the wall coverings, he has come up with a look reminiscent of cement. The results are eye-catching products that create a strong impact on the spaces they are used in. This is a large 45x90 format collection in coloured body porcelain tiles featuring a choice of two patterns for the floor tiles and two for the wall tiles, accompanied by floral motifs or elegant glass mosaics tiles to create bespoke spaces and areas.

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